72 hours in Tuscany: Where to enjoy the best wine, food and galleries

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Photo courtesy of Hotel Savoy Florence

The thing about Tuscany is that every time you visit, it feels like the first time. That’s because it’s diversely rich with countryside, a coastline, medieval towns, vineyards and its capital centerpiece, Florence. Birthplace of the Renaissance, it’s the city that keeps reinventing itself and boasts an exciting arts and cultural program. You can eat, consume a little too much wine and be inspired by masterpieces – in open air or in galleries and artisan studios.

Within an hour or two (or even less!), you can feel a lifetime away from the city in the Tuscan countryside or at the beach. We’ve rounded up some of the very Tuscan best – a quick guide on what to see, eat, do and where to stay on a short trip to the region that has it all. 


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