Dachshund through the snow: Sausage dogs enjoy annual Christmas fancy dress walk in London’s Hyde Park

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Park goers in London were treated to the sight of sausage dogs in fancy dress being paraded through Hyde Park on Sunday.

Dachshunds donning snowman outfits and turkey legs, as well as their humans, came together for the annual festive walk, now in its fifth year.

The likes of Biggie Smalls showed off their roasted turkey costume, complete with festive green baubles, while LD wore their elf outfit, no doubt taking a break from Santa’s workshop.

Bruno sported his snowman outfit on the walk – featuring a top hat and a red and green scarf, while others opted for a more practical outfit, dressing in jumpers and woolly hats.

You can see some pictures from the event below.

LD the dachshund dressed as Christmas elf in Hyde Park

It appears Biggie Smalls the turkey infiltrated the dachshund walk...

Biggie Smalls with his festive owner making his way through the park

Bruno went dressed as a snowman for the walk

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