Let’s get Brexit done, British PM Boris Johnson tells Conservative Party

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“We can, we must and we will,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at his Conservative Party’s annual conference.

MANCHESTER (REUTERS) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday (Oct 2) it was time to get Brexit done, pledging again that he would take Britain out of the European Union on Oct 31 “come what may”.

“What the whole world wants – is to be calmly and sensibly done with the subject and to move on. And that is why we are coming out of the EU on October 31, come what may… Let’s get Brexit done. We can, we must and we will,” he told his Conservative Party’s annual conference.

Mr Johnson set out his Conservative Party’s election pitch, saying his government would boost productivity, increase wages, control immigration and spend more on public services. 

Mr Johnson took aim at opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and said only his Conservative Party could be trusted with the economy, a thinly veiled pitch for an election widely expected to come before the end of the year. 

“The choice is clear: we put up wages – with the biggest expansion of the living wage for a generation; Corbyn would put up taxes for everyone,” he said. 

“If Jeremy Corbyn were allowed into Downing Street, he would whack up your taxes, he would foul up the economy, he would rip up the alliance between Britain and the USA and he would break up the UK. We cannot allow it to happen.” 




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