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Credit: Dubai

Linda Mahoney is the founder and partner of ‘BetterHomes’ (, one of the UAE’s leading real estate agencies, headquartered in Dubai.

Having previously worked as a nurse, Linda stepped into the real estate industry with no prior experience but with a strong motivation; “I had two children, and I had to make a decision”, she says.

In 1986, Linda started BetterHomes in her living room. “Dubai was the right place at the right time, not just for me, but for many people”, she told Euronews. As more expats were moving into Dubai, the demand for Linda’s services increased. This saw her move her office into a garage and hire her first employee.

Linda’s team kept growing with revenue increasing due the demand in rental properties. “When they announced sales in the market, that changed everything, that’s when we really grew”, she recalls.

Linda’s son, Ryan Mahoney, joined the company and helped her structure the rapidly growing business. “My son and I complement each other… I am a people person, he is a strategist”, Linda says.

Today, BetterHomes ( has more than 450 employees. “We have one employee who has been with us for 23 years, another for 22 years, and many more for 15 years. If a family-owned business is harmonious, there is nothing better”, she said.


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